Burning Abbey (brainfucked_) wrote in shattglass_laah,
Burning Abbey

Which one do YOU see?

I worked on a Macintosh in Mozilla Firefox to make this layout. I made it to look as good as possible on my MAC in Firefox. But I have Virtual PC on my computer (if you don't know what that is, it's a software that allows you to have the PC/Windows on your Macintosh) and when I checked this layout on the [Virtual] PC in Internet Explorer, it was HORRIFIC. I'm seriosuly on the verge of tears because I spent ALL day on this layout only to find that perhaps my PC members and friends in this community who use Internet Explorer will not be able to see the hard-worked-on layout I made..

So could you please do me a favor and tell me which one you see? Please, just say what browser you use, if you have a PC or MAC and choose #1 or #2 and that would help so much. Thank you.

#1 This is what it's NOT supposed to be.

#2 This is what it IS supposed to be.

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